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«Open to Meraviglia» – A Superficial Image of Italy?

Italy’s latest tourism marketing campaign, «Italia: Open to Meraviglia», featuring Botticelli’s Venus as a “virtual influencer,” has sparked controversy and raised concerns about the campaign’s superficiality and its portrayal of Italy. With a hefty budget of €9 million, the campaign has faced criticism for its mishmash of Ital-English tagline and its use of an AI-generated adaptation of Botticelli’s Venus.

ZVV’s New Advertising Campaign: «Gemeinsam vorwärts» Reflects Public Transport’s Sustainability and Diversity

The Zurich Transport Network (ZVV) has recently launched a new advertising campaign with a new slogan and visual identity to symbolize the core idea of public transportation. The new visual identity reflects the diversity and vibrancy of the ZVV network, while the new slogan «Gemeinsam vorwärts» (Moving forward together) emphasizes the benefits of public transportation for the community and the environment.