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«Open to Meraviglia» – A Superficial Image of Italy?

Italy’s latest tourism marketing campaign, «Italia: Open to Meraviglia», featuring Botticelli’s Venus as a “virtual influencer,” has sparked controversy and raised concerns about the campaign’s superficiality and its portrayal of Italy. With a hefty budget of €9 million, the campaign has faced criticism for its mishmash of Ital-English tagline and its use of an AI-generated adaptation of Botticelli’s Venus.

Leave. Love. : How Edelweiss’ Advertising Campaign Captivates Audiences and Encourages Travel

Edelweiss operates flights to over 80 destinations worldwide. For the past two years, the airline has been running a successful advertising campaign with the theme «Leave. Love.» The campaign aims to encourage people to dream about their next vacation and to book their next trip with Edelweiss.

Exploring Switzerland’s Grand Train Tour: Roger Federer and Trevor Noah’s Latest Advertising Campaign by Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland Tourism has launched a new global campaign to promote the «Grand Train Tour of Switzerland». The campaign features former tennis star Roger Federer and US comedian Trevor Noah in a humorous ad where they accidentally board the wrong train. The campaign was created by Wirz, the same agency responsible for the successful campaigns of the past two years.