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Tools for Advertisers

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Facebook Ads Library

In Meta’s ads library you can find all the ads that are currently being run on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger – simply search for keywords or an advertiser.

In the ad library, political or socially relevant advertising and election advertising are also archived for a period of 7 years. You can find details about these ads, such as who paid for them and what audience the advertiser targeted.

Facebook Sound Collection

Find music and sound effects to use in your Facebook clips or Instagram Reels.
There’s a wide variety of sounds available and you can search by filtering according to your needs and wishes.

Tik Tok Keyword Insights

Explore the latest popular script keywords on TikTok and ignite your creativity by taking a look at a range of ad examples. By analyzing the trending script keywords on TikTok, you can gain insights into what is resonating with audiences and craft ads that are more likely to capture their attention.

Additionally, examining ad examples from successful campaigns can provide a wealth of inspiration for creating effective and engaging TikTok ads. By studying the tactics and strategies used by other brands, you can gain a better understanding of how to create compelling content that connects with your target audience.

With the combination of trending script keywords and successful ad examples, you can take your TikTok advertising to the next level and achieve greater success in reaching and engaging with your desired audience.

These are trends with a high search volume within the past 30 days. Keeping an eye on these trends can provide valuable insights into what people are searching for and interested in on the platform.