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Helvetic Tours Floats to New Heights: The Creative Campaign Turning Floaties into Advertising Stars

Helvetic Tours Floats to New Heights: The Creative Campaign Turning Floaties into Advertising Stars

In the competitive world of travel and tourism, standing out requires creativity, innovation, and a touch of whimsy. Helvetic Tours, a subsidiary of the renowned travel brand Kuoni, has embraced these elements with their latest marketing campaign, turning floaties into the unexpected stars. Launched in May 2024, this campaign not only showcases the brand’s beach holiday offerings but also redefines how travel advertising can capture the imagination and attention of a diverse audience.

The Floatie Phenomenon

Helvetic Tours’ campaign leverages colorful and playful floaties to symbolize various holiday destinations. These floaties, designed to resemble animals and objects, are used to represent different locations and experiences. For instance, elephant floaties are used to promote trips to Thailand, while crabs and cappuccino cups highlight the charm of the Mediterranean. This creative approach, which combines fun and functionality, helps the campaign stand out in a crowded market.

AI-Driven Creativity

A standout feature of the campaign is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to generate the floatie designs. This innovative use of technology ensures that each floatie is unique and visually appealing. By employing AI, Helvetic Tours not only enhances the creative aspect of their campaign but also showcases their commitment to embracing modern technology to engage with their audience.

Targeting a Broad Audience

The campaign is designed to appeal to a wide range of potential travelers, including young families, groups of friends, and couples. By using floaties, which are universally associated with fun and relaxation, Helvetic Tours effectively captures the essence of a perfect holiday. This broad appeal is crucial in attracting a diverse customer base and ensuring that the campaign resonates with as many people as possible.

A Comprehensive 360-Degree Campaign

Helvetic Tours has executed a multi-faceted, 360-degree campaign that spans various platforms and media. This approach ensures maximum reach and engagement, with the campaign appearing on:

  • Online Platforms: Including YouTube and various social media channels where engaging content can be shared and reshared.
  • Print Media: Advertisements in newspapers and magazines to reach traditional readers.
  • Television: Scheduled to air from autumn 2024, broadening the campaign’s visibility.
  • Digital Signage: Displayed in key locations to capture the attention of passersby.
  • Point-of-Sale Materials: Featured in the 70 Kuoni travel agencies across Switzerland, enhancing in-store promotion.
  • Out-Of-Home Advertising: Utilized in select Swiss cities to attract a local audience.

Engaging the Younger Audience with TikTok

In addition to traditional and digital advertising, Helvetic Tours has tapped into the power of social media with their new TikTok series “Kofferkino.” This series features Emelie Oschewsky and Jan Gross sharing travel stories and reacting to community anecdotes. The interactive nature of TikTok, combined with the engaging format of the series, helps build a strong connection with a younger audience. This initiative not only strengthens Helvetic Tours’ brand presence on social media but also fosters a sense of community among travelers.

Beyond Beaches: Highlighting Diversity in Offerings

While the campaign prominently features beach holidays, it also emphasizes the variety of experiences offered by Helvetic Tours. As Heidi Raff, Creative Director at Dertour Suisse, points out, the campaign aims to remind audiences that Helvetic Tours offers more than just sun and sand. Their packages include cultural experiences, culinary delights, relaxing excursions, and adventurous activities, catering to every taste and budget.

The Minds Behind the Magic

The success of this campaign is a result of the collaboration and creativity of several key players. The team at Dertour Suisse, including Manuel Lieberherr, Nadia Peter, Heidi Raff, Alissa Lopez, and Simon Zürcher, played a pivotal role in bringing the floatie concept to life. The idea and concept were developed by Lukas Wietlisbach and Andy Lusti, while Foreal GbR was responsible for the stunning 3D stills and animations.


Helvetic Tours’ innovative floatie campaign is a testament to the power of creativity and modern technology in advertising. By transforming everyday floaties into the stars of their campaign, Helvetic Tours not only captures attention but also conveys the joy and excitement of a holiday. This campaign is a perfect example of how brands can use creativity to stand out in a competitive market and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

As travel begins to bounce back post-pandemic, campaigns like these are essential in reigniting the wanderlust in people and encouraging them to explore new destinations. Helvetic Tours has set a new benchmark in travel advertising, proving that with a bit of imagination and a splash of color, even the most familiar objects can become powerful tools for storytelling and engagement.

For more details on this captivating campaign and to see the floaties in action, visit Helvetic Tours’ official website and follow their TikTok series “Kofferkino” for a dose of travel inspiration and entertainment. Dive into the world of Helvetic Tours and discover why their beach holidays are the talk of the town!

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