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IKEA Introduces the Ultimate Christmas Showstopper: The Turkey-Sized Meatball

IKEA Introduces the Ultimate Christmas Showstopper: The Turkey-Sized Meatball

As the holiday season approaches, IKEA, known for their iconic meatballs, has unveiled a game-changing addition to their menu – the turkey-sized meatball. Weighing an astonishing 4.5kg, this festive feast promises to be the centerpiece of any Christmas dinner. Accompanied by IKEA’s classic lingonberry jam and creamy sauce, this limited edition meatball is set to delight meat lovers throughout the holiday season. In addition, IKEA is ensuring that non-meat eaters can still join in the culinary festivities with a Veggieball Christmas Tree kit. Let’s dive into the details of IKEA’s latest offering and how you can get your hands on this unique dining experience.

1. The Ultimate Meatball Experience:
IKEA has always been renowned for their quality meatballs, and now they’ve taken it a step further with their turkey-sized meatball. This supersized delight is a dream come true for meat enthusiasts, offering a delectable option for the festive season. With the convenience of being ready-to-cook, accompanied by the perfect lingonberry jam and creamy sauce, this meatball promises to take your Christmas dinner to new heights.

2. Exclusive Availability and Opportunities:
The turkey-sized meatball is available exclusively in IKEA stores. However, if you’re unable to visit in person, IKEA has exciting opportunities through their social media channels and an in-store competition, giving meatball lovers a chance to win and savor this limited edition treat. IKEA’s commitment to engaging with their customers and creating buzz around their offerings showcases their dedication to providing unique experiences beyond the traditional furniture shopping.

3. Catering to Non-Meat Eaters:
IKEA believes in inclusivity and ensuring that everyone can enjoy their festive offerings. For those who prefer a vegetarian alternative, the Veggieball Christmas Tree kit provides an innovative twist. With a cone-shaped base and a variety of veggie meatballs, this kit allows non-meat eaters to create their own showstopping centerpiece for the table, inviting them to partake in the joy of the holiday season.

4. Karen Hughes’ Excitement:
Karen Hughes, Food Manager at IKEA UK, expressed her excitement surrounding the turkey-sized meatball launch. Acknowledging the insatiable love for IKEA’s meatballs, Hughes believes that this gigantic offering will serve as the ultimate showstopper for Christmas dinner. The introduction of this giant meatball reaffirms IKEA’s commitment to providing unique and memorable dining experiences for their customers.

With the release of their turkey-sized meatball and Veggieball Christmas Tree kit, IKEA continues to demonstrate their innovative approach to both meat and vegetarian dining experiences. The limited availability, combined with the engagement opportunities through social media and in-store competitions, adds an element of excitement for customers. Embrace the festive spirit by exploring IKEA’s latest culinary creations, and make this holiday season truly unforgettable with their unique offerings.


It’s big. It’s tasty. It’s a proper Christmas showstopper. Introducing the IKEA Turkey-Sized Meatball. Find out how to get your mittens on one soon.

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