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Embracing the Chill: KitKat’s ‘Take a Brrr’ Outdoor Campaign

Embracing the Chill: KitKat’s ‘Take a Brrr’ Outdoor Campaign

In the world of advertising, where creativity often battles against time constraints, KitKat has once again proven its prowess with a swift and engaging out-of-home (OOH) campaign. In response to the bone-chilling cold gripping the UK, the iconic chocolate brand, in collaboration with integrated creative agency VML, launched a campaign titled ‘Take a Brrr’. This timely and resonant initiative reflects not only the brand’s agility but also the effectiveness of collaborative client partnerships.

The Arctic Cold Snap and the Birth of ‘Take a Brrr’

The United Kingdom recently experienced one of the coldest nights of winter, with some regions plummeting into minus double digits. In the midst of this icy ordeal, KitKat, known for its finger-licking good chocolate bars, decided to connect with Brits on a personal level. The inspiration for their latest OOH ad came from the universally familiar struggle of scraping ice off car windshields during the frigid early mornings.

VML, the creative minds behind this campaign, translated this everyday challenge into a compelling invitation: ‘Take a Brrr’ from the cold. The phrase not only cleverly incorporates the chill factor but also aligns seamlessly with KitKat’s brand identity. The campaign’s focus on relatable experiences reinforces the emotional connection between the brand and its audience.

From Ideation to Execution: The 36-Hour Odyssey

What sets this campaign apart is not just its thematic relevance but the remarkable speed at which it went from ideation to execution. The entire process, from conceptualization to going live, unfolded within a mere 36 hours. This speaks volumes about the agility of both KitKat and VML, emphasizing the importance of a dynamic and efficient creative process.

Mike Watson, the creative director at VML, provided insights into the thought process behind the campaign. “With an arctic cold snap having us all reach for jumpers, hats, gloves, coats… and yet more jumpers, we wanted to entice people to take a brrr…eak with KitKat. An impressively quick turnaround from a brilliant team.”

A Glimpse into the ‘Take a Brrr’ Campaign

The campaign’s core visual, displayed across various OOH mediums, features KitKat’s iconic red packaging adorned with frosty ice crystals. The imagery evokes the biting cold of winter while subtly inviting consumers to pause and indulge in a moment of warmth with a KitKat. This clever fusion of environmental relevance and brand messaging is a testament to the creativity at play.

Interestingly, the campaign is not confined to traditional outdoor spaces. KitKat has extended its ‘Take a Brrr’ message to its social media channels, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive brand experience. This multi-channel approach reflects the adaptability of the campaign, reaching consumers where they are most engaged.

Client Collaboration and Creative Alchemy

Behind the scenes, the success of ‘Take a Brrr’ also underscores the importance of strong client-agency partnerships. The collaboration between KitKat and VML exemplifies a seamless exchange of ideas and a shared commitment to delivering impactful campaigns. The ability to transform a concept into reality within such a short timeframe requires not just creativity but also effective communication and mutual understanding.

Industry Impact and Recognition

As a confectionery and snacks industry player, KitKat’s ‘Take a Brrr’ campaign stands out not only for its thematic relevance but also its potential impact on consumer behavior. In an era where consumers crave authentic and relatable brand interactions, this campaign taps into the zeitgeist of the moment.

The recognition of this campaign’s significance is not limited to consumer reception alone. Billi Hatfield, Associate Director of Communications at VML, submitted the campaign for recognition, emphasizing its relevance in the current cultural and climatic context.

Navigating the Frosty Terrain of Creativity

KitKat’s ‘Take a Brrr’ campaign serves as a beacon in the advertising landscape, guiding marketers through the frosty terrain of creativity and time constraints. This agile and timely execution showcases the potential of combining a resonant theme with a rapid creative process. As marketers and advertisers, we can draw inspiration from this campaign, reminding us that sometimes, all it takes is a swift, well-executed idea to create a lasting impact.

In a world where trends freeze and thaw in the blink of an eye, KitKat’s ‘Take a Brrr’ is a reminder that the ability to adapt and respond quickly to the current climate—both literal and metaphorical—is a crucial element of successful advertising. So, as the temperatures drop and the creative challenges rise, let KitKat’s ‘Take a Brrr’ be a source of inspiration for all those looking to make a lasting impression in the fast-paced world of advertising.

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