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ZVV’s New Advertising Campaign: «Gemeinsam vorwärts» Reflects Public Transport’s Sustainability and Diversity

The Zurich Transport Network (ZVV) has recently launched a new advertising campaign with a new slogan and visual identity to symbolize the core idea of public transportation. The new visual identity reflects the diversity and vibrancy of the ZVV network, while the new slogan «Gemeinsam vorwärts» (Moving forward together) emphasizes the benefits of public transportation for the community and the environment.

The Timeless Brilliance of Faber-Castell’s «True Colours» Advertising Campaign

The world of advertising is constantly evolving, with new ideas and concepts being introduced all the time. However, there are some campaigns that stand the test of time, and continue to resonate with audiences long after they were first released. One such campaign is the ‘True Colours’ campaign for art supplies brand Faber-Castell, which was created by German ad agency Serviceplan back in 2010.

«Think different» : A Campaign That Changed Apple’s Destiny

The «Think different» campaign was a game-changer for Apple. Created in 1997 by the Los Angeles office of advertising agency TBWA\Chiat\Day, the campaign celebrated creativity, innovation, and individuality. It helped rebrand the company and change its destiny, and it’s still remembered by Apple fans today.