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Kicking Off Awareness: The British Heart Foundation’s Striking Football Murals Campaign
Kicking Off Awareness: The British Heart Foundation’s Striking Football Murals Campaign

Kicking Off Awareness: The British Heart Foundation’s Striking Football Murals Campaign

Heart disease is often mischaracterized as an ailment that primarily affects the elderly. However, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has launched a poignant and powerful campaign to debunk this myth and shed light on the heartbreaking reality that heart disease can strike at any age. With the men’s Euro 2024 tournament on the horizon, the BHF, in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi, has unveiled a series of murals dedicated to young football fans who lost their lives to heart disease. These murals are not just pieces of art; they are emotional tributes that serve as a stark reminder of the impact of sudden cardiac death on young people and their families.

A Tribute Through Murals

The campaign features 12 murals strategically placed in towns and cities across Scotland, England, and Wales. Each mural commemorates a young football fan who tragically passed away due to heart disease. The number 12 is significant, reflecting the alarming statistic that on average, 12 young people lose their lives to heart disease every week. These murals, which are typically reserved for celebrating football stars, now honor the memory of young fans whose lives were cut short.

The visuals of the campaign are deeply moving. Hand-painted murals showcase smiling portraits of the young individuals, coupled with the poignant line “England ’til I died.” This phrase, a twist on the common chant “England ’til I die,” used by passionate football supporters, is both an homage to the fandom of these young individuals and a stark reminder of their premature deaths.

The Campaign’s Message

“Our new campaign is a powerful reminder of the impact of sudden cardiac death,” said Damion Mower, director of brand at BHF. The organization worked closely with the families of the deceased to ensure that each mural was a respectful and touching tribute. Behind every mural lies a family grieving the loss of a loved one, and the BHF’s sensitivity in handling this campaign has been commendable.

The goal of the campaign is not only to honor these young lives but also to raise awareness about the prevalence of heart disease among young people. By placing these murals in public spaces, the BHF hopes to reach a wide audience and challenge the misconception that heart disease is an issue only for the older population.

Expanding the Reach

To amplify the campaign’s reach, BHF has included a mix of social content and radio ads. The use of multiple media channels ensures that the message is heard loud and clear across different platforms. The murals have already started conversations online, with many sharing their personal stories and raising further awareness about the cause.

Creative Execution

The creative minds behind this campaign are from the renowned agency Saatchi & Saatchi. The team, led by Chief Creative Officer Franki Goodwin and Associate Creative Director Mia Silverman, along with Senior Creatives Henrik Ridderheim, Pete Ioulianou, and Ollie Agius, have crafted a campaign that is both visually striking and emotionally resonant.

The production of the murals was handled by Grand Visual, ensuring that the art was not only impactful but also of high quality. The choice of murals as a medium is particularly effective as it captures the attention of passersby and leaves a lasting impression.

The Broader Impact

This campaign is a reminder of the power of advertising in raising awareness and sparking change. By tapping into the cultural significance of football and the emotional connection fans have with the sport, the BHF has created a campaign that is both relatable and impactful. It serves as a call to action for everyone to recognize the seriousness of heart disease in young people and to support efforts in combating this silent killer.


The British Heart Foundation’s campaign is a masterclass in using creative advertising to address a critical health issue. By honoring young football fans who have tragically lost their lives to heart disease, the campaign not only pays tribute to these individuals but also educates the public about the prevalence of heart disease among the young. As we move closer to the Euro 2024 tournament, these murals will stand as a poignant reminder of the lives lost and the importance of heart health awareness.

For more information on the British Heart Foundation and how you can support their efforts, visit their website and join the conversation on social media. Together, we can help save lives and ensure that young people live to cheer for their teams for many years to come.