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Pride Month Gets Messy: Deconstructing the Postmates “Bottom-Friendly” Menu Campaign

Pride Month Gets Messy: Deconstructing the Postmates “Bottom-Friendly” Menu Campaign

Pride Month is a time for celebrating LGBTQ+ identities and communities. It’s a chance to raise awareness, promote inclusivity, and showcase brands that support these values. In 2022, food delivery app Postmates attempted a campaign that fell flat, sparking conversations about missteps in targeted marketing and performative allyship.

This blog post dives into the now-infamous Postmates “Bottom-Friendly Menu” campaign. We’ll analyze its goals, execution, and the resulting controversy. We’ll also explore the broader implications for LGBTQ+ marketing during Pride Month and beyond.

The “Bottom-Friendly” Menu: A Misguided Attempt at Inclusivity?

Postmates’ Pride Month campaign centered around a curated menu of food and drink items deemed “bottom-friendly.” The menu description explained these selections were chosen for being easy to eat in specific sexual positions associated with the term “bottom.” Social media buzz and news articles quickly followed.

Positive Spin: Targeting a Specific Audience

On the surface, the campaign appeared to target a specific segment of the LGBTQ+ community. This could be seen as a positive step towards acknowledging diverse sexual preferences and experiences. Traditionally, marketing campaigns often overlook the needs and desires of LGBTQ+ subcultures.

Negative Spin: Superficiality and Lack of Research

However, the campaign quickly went awry. Critics pointed out that Postmates failed to credit The Bottom’s Digest, a pre-existing platform offering “bottom-friendly” recipes and content. This lack of acknowledgment raised questions about the campaign’s authenticity and its commitment to supporting established LGBTQ+ voices.

Furthermore, the menu itself was criticized for its limitations. It didn’t consider dietary restrictions or offer inclusive options for bottoms with specific needs. Additionally, concerns arose regarding the lack of transparency around how Postmates determined which foods were “bottom-friendly.” Did they involve actual users in the process?

The Backlash and Missed Opportunities

The “Bottom-Friendly Menu” campaign backfired. Instead of celebrating inclusivity, it became an example of superficial marketing that lacked proper research and alienated the very community it aimed to target.

Here are some key missed opportunities:

  • Partnering with The Bottom’s Digest: Postmates could have collaborated with the established platform, leveraging their expertise and audience reach for a more impactful campaign.
  • Focusing on broader LGBTQ+ Needs: Pride Month is about celebrating the entire LGBTQ+ spectrum. Postmates could have created a campaign that addressed a wider range of LGBTQ+ experiences, going beyond sexual preferences.
  • Promoting LGBTQ+-Owned Businesses: The campaign could have highlighted and supported LGBTQ+-owned restaurants on the Postmates platform.

Lessons Learned: Authenticity and Going Beyond Performative Allyship

The Postmates campaign serves as a cautionary tale for brands looking to engage with LGBTQ+ audiences during Pride Month (and beyond). Here are some key takeaways:

  • Authenticity is Key: Consumers can see through performative gestures. Genuine efforts to understand and celebrate LGBTQ+ experiences will resonate more deeply.
  • Do Your Research: Before launching a campaign, conduct thorough research and engage with LGBTQ+ communities to ensure your message is inclusive and respectful.
  • Move Beyond Stereotypes: The LGBTQ+ community is diverse. Avoid relying on stereotypes and focus on creating campaigns that celebrate the richness of these experiences.
  • Partner with Established Voices: Collaborate with LGBTQ+-owned businesses, influencers, and content creators to amplify authentic messages.


Pride Month is a crucial time for brands to showcase their commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity. However, campaigns need to go beyond surface-level gestures. The Postmates “Bottom-Friendly Menu” serves as a reminder of the importance of authenticity, thoughtful execution, and genuine partnerships within the LGBTQ+ community. By prioritizing these aspects, brands can create marketing campaigns that resonate, celebrate, and support LGBTQ+ people throughout the year.

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