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Royal Treatment for King’s Day: How Subway Sailed to Success in Amsterdam
Royal Treatment for King’s Day: How Subway Sailed to Success in Amsterdam

Royal Treatment for King’s Day: How Subway Sailed to Success in Amsterdam

King’s Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands (27th of April), celebrated on the birthday of the king. It’s a day of vibrant celebrations, with people dressing in orange, the national color. In 2023, Subway decided to join the festivities with a unique marketing campaign that captured the hearts of the people of Amsterdam.

A fit for a king: The Royal Sub

The centerpiece of Subway’s campaign was the limited-edition Royal Sub. This sandwich was no ordinary Subway creation. It featured premium ingredients like Dutch meatballs, smoked Gouda cheese, and a special orange sauce. The Royal Sub was a delicious way for people to celebrate the king and the holiday.

Setting sail on the Royal Submarines

But Subway didn’t stop there. They took their campaign to the canals of Amsterdam by creating three Royal Submarines. These weren’t your typical submarines; they were shaped like boats and driven by look-alikes of the king and queen. The Royal Submarines became a major attraction, turning heads and generating a lot of buzz.

A chance to win a royal ride

To add an element of excitement to the campaign, Subway ran a contest where customers who purchased a Royal Sub had a chance to win a ride in one of the Royal Submarines. This contest generated a lot of interest and encouraged people to try the new sandwich.

A campaign fit for a king

Subway’s King’s Day campaign was a resounding success. The Royal Sub was a hit with customers, and the Royal Submarines generated a lot of media attention. The contest added an element of fun and engagement, and the entire campaign perfectly captured the spirit of King’s Day.

Lessons learned from Subway’s success

Subway’s King’s Day campaign offers valuable lessons for marketers looking to create successful campaigns. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Tap into local traditions and holidays: By linking their campaign to King’s Day, Subway was able to connect with the local community on a deeper level.
  • Create unique and memorable experiences: The Royal Submarines were a unique and eye-catching element that helped Subway stand out from the competition.
  • Offer incentives and contests: The chance to win a ride in a Royal Submarine added an element of excitement and encouraged people to participate in the campaign.
  • Embrace social media: Subway likely used social media to promote their campaign and generate buzz.

By following these tips, marketers can create campaigns that are both creative and effective.

In conclusion, Subway’s King’s Day campaign was a masterclass in marketing. By understanding their audience and creating a campaign that was both relevant and exciting, Subway was able to achieve great success.