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Super Bowl 2024 Commercials That Stole the Spotlight
Super Bowl 2024 Commercials That Stole the Spotlight

Super Bowl 2024 Commercials That Stole the Spotlight

Get ready for the advertising extravaganza of the year: Super Bowl 2024! Set to kick off between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, this year’s Super Bowl spectacle will unfold at the Allegiant Stadium on Sunday, February 11th, right along the vibrant Las Vegas strip.

While we’re all eager to witness Usher’s performance during the halftime show, the commercials are stealing the spotlight, as expected. Media buzz reveals that certain brands shelled out a whopping seven million dollars for a mere 30-second spot, mirroring the expenditure of the previous year. Officially designated as Super Bowl commercials, these high-stakes ads will air nationally in the US from the coin toss to the game’s conclusion. Some sneak peeks of these commercials have already hit the airwaves. Stay tuned for the advertising brilliance that awaits!

Apple Music

Is Tim Cook a devoted Usher fan? It appears to be a missed opportunity that the CEO of Apple didn’t respond to Ludacris’s call with a simple “Good morning!” in this Apple Music commercial leading up to the 2024 Super Bowl, but that’s just my opinion.

Nevertheless, Cook convincingly portrays genuine disappointment that they can’t seem to locate Usher. (My guess is he’s probably hanging out in that BMW commercial – see further down.)


The online marketplace Etsy has recently introduced a Gift Finder feature, which is the focus of its latest advertisement. The Americans in the ad are on a quest to find the perfect gift for the French, and in doing so, they playfully embrace clichés.


Dove’s advertisement starts with a seemingly playful portrayal of young girls experiencing mishaps while engaging in sports, accompanied by the tune of “It’s the Hard Knock Life.” However, the tone shifts abruptly to a girl gazing self-consciously in the mirror. The underlying message is clear: low body confidence, rather than mishaps, is what prompts girls to quit sports.
Dove has been known for taking a stand on issues of body positivity and redefining beauty standards.


Could this be a typical day for Christopher Walken? BMW’s Super Bowl commercial for the i5 electric sedan features Walken, who always appears to be a good sport.

It’s challenging to determine how accurately this ad reflects the experience of navigating the world as Walken, but the continuous stream of impressions from strangers seems fitting.

BiC lighters

A humorous advertisement from the lighter manufacturer Bic featuring Willie Nelson, Martha Stewart, and, of course, Snoop Dogg, who, for well-known reasons, urgently wants his lighter back.

Google Pixel 8

Google’s emotionally touching advertisement depicts a visually impaired man utilizing “Guided Frame,” Google’s AI-powered accessibility feature for the Pixel camera. This innovative tool incorporates a blend of audio cues, high-contrast animations, and tactile vibrations, enabling him to capture moments of the people and places significant in his life.

Uber Eats

Upon learning that a wide array of products can be ordered on Uber Eats, Jennifer Aniston responds to someone by saying, “In order to remember something, you’ve got to forget something else.” This triggers a cascade of forgetfulness: David and Victoria Beckham forget that Victoria Beckham was once Posh Spice, and Jennifer Aniston forgets her stint in “Friends” with David Schwimmer.

Mountain Dew

The actress and comedian Aubrey Plaza is renowned for her extremely dry sense of humor. In the commercial for Mountain Dew soda, she lives up to her reputation.


Microsoft introduces AI to the Super Bowl in its latest advertisement. The focus of Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad revolves around the concept of leveraging AI for creativity. Striking a delicate balance, the ad encourages individuals to create images without the need for extensive skills, yet acknowledges concerns about AI potentially replacing jobs, particularly in the creative industry. The commercial uses its one-minute duration to showcase Microsoft’s new Copilot mobile apps for both iOS and Android.


Rather than flipping a coin, this short film takes a spin with an Oreo: Depending on which side the filling sticks to, a decision is made. In a similar fashion, Kris Jenner decides to launch her reality show with the help of the cookie.


What is the common thread between Zach Braff, Donald Faison, and Jason Momoa? As of a few days ago, they have all lent their voices to sing about T-Mobile for a Super Bowl ad. Whether the commercial is deemed good or not might hinge on your fondness for Scrubs.