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Bridging the Generational Gap: Meat and Livestock Australia’s 2024 Summer Campaign
Bridging the Generational Gap: Meat and Livestock Australia’s 2024 Summer Campaign

Bridging the Generational Gap: Meat and Livestock Australia’s 2024 Summer Campaign

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has once again stepped into the limelight with its 2024 summer campaign, unveiling a thought-provoking commercial that delves into the concept of ‘The Generation Gap.’ The ad, crafted by The Monkeys, takes a dystopian approach, showcasing a world where generations are separated by an impassable chasm. This year’s narrative, directed by Aimée-Lee Xu Hsien and Trent O’Donnell, paints a vivid picture of generational stereotypes, offering a satirical take on the divisive nature of age-related assumptions.

The Concept:

In the summer of 2023, MLA’s campaign depicted an alternative reality where individuals were labeled as “un-Australian” and banished to the mysterious land of “Un-Australia.” This time, the storyline takes a different turn, exploring the consequences of a world divided by ‘The Generation Gap.’ Each age group finds itself isolated, living up to the worst stereotypes attributed to them. However, a lamb BBQ emerges as a unifying force, reminding Australians of the shared values that transcend generational differences.

MLA’s Perspective:

Graeme Yardy, domestic market manager at MLA, emphasizes the campaign’s focus on challenging the stereotypes perpetuated by ‘The Generation Gap.’ He believes that the concept unfairly divides generations, fostering unnecessary discord. Yardy underscores that the lamb campaigns aim to celebrate unity and the essence of being Australian, highlighting the symbolic importance of a lamb BBQ in bringing people together.

Scott Dettrick, creative director at The Monkeys, adds another layer to the narrative, stating that the generation gap in Australia has never been wider. Dettrick points out the growing disparities in wealth, opinions, and communication styles. He contends that, beneath the surface, it’s attitudes, not age, that truly divide us. The creative process, he shares, was a lively generational debate, bringing together multi-generational directors and editors to infuse authenticity into the campaign.

The Creative Process:

Dettrick’s insights shed light on the creative journey undertaken by The Monkeys. The frustrations portrayed in the ad, with each generation pointing fingers and seeking blame, mirror the real challenges faced in contemporary society. The team’s approach was methodical, incorporating a fun generational debate to address the nuanced issues dividing society. The involvement of directors and editors from different generations added a layer of authenticity to the campaign, capturing the essence of intergenerational dynamics.

Media Strategy:

The campaign’s media strategy is extensive, spanning across TV, online video, catch-up TV, paid social, and retail Out-Of-Home (OOH) channels. Media agency UM is spearheading the rollout, ensuring widespread visibility. One Green Bean, known for its innovative marketing approach, is set to amplify the campaign through a social-first content piece launching on January 15. This marks a significant step, as it’s the first time One Green Bean will leverage owned and influencer marketing channels to enhance campaign reach.

Activation and Integration:

MLA’s summer campaign goes beyond traditional media channels. The retail and butcher channels will also witness strategic activation and integration efforts to bring the message closer to consumers. This multi-pronged approach aims to not only capture attention but also encourage engagement with the campaign, fostering a sense of unity and shared identity.

As Meat and Livestock Australia’s 2024 summer campaign unfolds, it serves as more than just an advertising initiative. It becomes a social commentary on the generational dynamics shaping Australian society. By challenging stereotypes, fostering unity, and leveraging the symbolic power of a lamb BBQ, MLA’s campaign invites Australians to bridge the generational gap, fostering meaningful conversations and connections. As the campaign continues its rollout across various media channels, it leaves us contemplating the power of advertising to influence societal perspectives and drive positive change.