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Coop’s Heartwarming Christmas Campaign: Small Acts, Big Impact
Coop’s Heartwarming Christmas Campaign: Small Acts, Big Impact

Coop’s Heartwarming Christmas Campaign: Small Acts, Big Impact

The magic of the holiday season is often found in the small, thoughtful gestures that warm our hearts. Coop, the leading retail company, has once again proven the power of simplicity with its enchanting Christmas campaign, brilliantly captured in the latest heartwarming spot crafted by TBWA\Zürich. Let’s dive into the emotions and creativity behind this campaign that not only showcases the spirit of Christmas but also emphasizes the importance of kindness in our daily lives.

The Concept

Inspired by the positive response to a social media post from the previous year, where customers were surprised with compliments on notes, Coop decided to weave this heartening concept into their 2023 Christmas campaign. Coop collaborated with TBWA\Zürich, OnfilmXStories, and other partners to bring this idea to life through a 360° campaign.

Directed by Tobias Fueter, the Christmas spot unfolds as an empathetic Coop employee navigates the chaos of the pre-Christmas rush, observing small conflicts, moments of stress, and feelings of loneliness. Responding to these emotions, she begins discreetly hiding notes with motivational and loving messages to bring joy to those around her. As positive reactions ensue, she finds herself immersed in a joyous writing frenzy.

The Cast

In a delightful nod to loyal customers, the Coop employee and her partner in the spot are none other than the endearing film couple from Coop’s popular 2019 Christmas spot, “Lulu und Louis,” creating a charming sense of familiarity and connection.

The Soundtrack

Adding a unique touch to the campaign is the specially composed song titled “Note by Note.” Coop continues its tradition of releasing an original song for its TV spots each year. Vanessa Finzer, Head of Advertising, conceptualized the song and collaborated closely with producer Georg Schlunegger of Hitmill to bring it to life. Vanessa herself lent her voice to the song, further personalizing the campaign.

Multichannel Presence

The campaign, which kicked off in mid-November, spans various channels, including TV, cinema, (D)OOH, print, social media, and display ads, as well as point-of-sale displays. Coop has also integrated special measures to enhance the festive experience for customers throughout the holiday season.

Coop’s 2023 Christmas campaign beautifully exemplifies how the smallest acts of kindness can have a profound impact on individuals and communities. By embracing the spirit of the season and spreading joy through thoughtful gestures, Coop not only celebrates Christmas but also encourages us to carry the warmth of compassion into our daily lives. In a world where big gestures often grab attention, Coop’s campaign reminds us that sometimes, it’s the small, heartfelt moments that truly make a difference.