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Mean Girls Reunion: Walmart’s Epic Black Friday Ad Campaign
Mean Girls Reunion: Walmart’s Epic Black Friday Ad Campaign

Mean Girls Reunion: Walmart’s Epic Black Friday Ad Campaign

In a blast from the past that will undoubtedly leave fans of the iconic 2004 movie “Mean Girls” in sheer delight, Walmart has unveiled an epic Black Friday ad campaign featuring three of the film’s original stars: Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert. In a brilliant marketing move, the retail giant has managed to bring back these beloved characters, now as adults, to promote its Black Friday deals in an unmissable commercial.

Mean Girls: Then and Now

The spot, released on November 1st, is a nostalgic treat for “Mean Girls” enthusiasts. It reunites the trio of Amanda Seyfried, Lindsay Lohan, and Lacey Chabert, who step back into the roles that made them famous in the early 2000s. The characters have aged gracefully, each with their own unique twist to their personas.

  • Lacey Chabert’s Gretchen Wieners is still attempting to make “Fetch” happen, but this time as a mom trying to impress her high schooler, who, of course, isn’t buying it. Some things never change!
  • Amanda Seyfried’s Karen Smith has transformed into a news reporter, diligently chasing the facts instead of trying to figure out if it’s already raining.
  • Lindsay Lohan’s Cady Heron, the movie’s narrator, now serves as a high school guidance counselor. Her words guide not only students but also Walmart’s potential shoppers.

However, the fourth star, Rachel McAdams, who portrayed the movie’s leader of the “mean girls,” Regina George, is notably absent from the ad. Nevertheless, the reunion of these three original cast members is sure to make fans ecstatic.

Walmart’s Strategic Approach

Walmart has been consistently known for its Black Friday sales, and this year, they’re determined to make it bigger and better than ever. Courtney Carlson, Walmart’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, affirms their commitment to maintaining their Black Friday dominance. This year, they’re adopting a unique strategy to achieve that.

Walmart is expanding the concept of Black Friday by creating a series of commercials that capture the essence of the shopping frenzy. These commercials will feature different cast members from “Mean Girls” each week, culminating in a social media post. The aim is to capture the attention of potential shoppers early, enticing them with great deals and offers in the run-up to the actual Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This strategic approach is not entirely new for Walmart. Last year, they took a similar approach by reviving the 1999 cult classic “Office Space,” featuring actors Gary Cole and Ajay Naidu, in a series of commercials that grabbed attention and resonated with the audience.

The Excitement of the Cast Reunion

For the actors, reprising their iconic roles was an exciting and heartwarming experience. Daniel Franzese, who revives his character Damian Leigh for the campaign, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We think fans are going to be super excited to see us after all these years. I know we are excited for everyone to see what we’ve all been up to.” Lindsay Lohan and Lacey Chabert also shared their delight in being back together on set, reminiscing about the good old days.

Walmart’s Black Friday ad campaign, featuring the stars of “Mean Girls” reuniting after all these years, is nothing short of a marketing masterpiece. It brilliantly merges nostalgia with holiday shopping enthusiasm, and for fans of the movie, it’s an unexpected treat. The series of commercials and social media posts leading up to Black Friday is a smart way to get customers to start thinking about their holiday shopping early.

This campaign is a testament to the enduring popularity of “Mean Girls” and Walmart’s commitment to making the holiday shopping season as exciting as ever. So, mark your calendars for the upcoming Wednesdays, and get ready to witness the magic of “Mean Girls” once again, this time in the world of Black Friday deals.