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McDonald’s Epic ‘As Featured In’ Campaign: A Nod to Iconic Pop Culture Moments
McDonald’s Epic ‘As Featured In’ Campaign: A Nod to Iconic Pop Culture Moments

McDonald’s Epic ‘As Featured In’ Campaign: A Nod to Iconic Pop Culture Moments

McDonald’s, the fast-food giant renowned for its innovative marketing campaigns, has unveiled its latest endeavor, the ‘As Featured In’ campaign. Covering over 100 markets, this ambitious campaign celebrates McDonald’s cameo appearances in iconic films, series, and songs. With the tagline “everyone has a McDonald’s order, even in the fictional world,” this campaign is set to captivate audiences worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of McDonald’s groundbreaking ‘As Featured In’ campaign, from its inspiration to its unique offerings and immersive experiences.

The Concept Behind ‘As Featured In’ Campaign

McDonald’s has always been at the forefront of creativity when it comes to advertising. The ‘As Featured In’ campaign stems from the idea that McDonald’s orders are not limited to the real world; they also make appearances in fictional universes. This novel approach is centered around the launch of a series of trailers, teasers, and a limited-time ‘As featured meal.’ The concept of merging fiction and reality showcases McDonald’s prowess in the world of marketing.

Nostalgic Nods to Iconic Moments

The ‘As Featured In’ campaign pays homage to memorable on-screen moments that include McDonald’s products. From George Costanza treating his date to a Big Mac in Seinfeld to Michael Scott’s affinity for Filet-O-Fish in The Office, McDonald’s has left an indelible mark on pop culture. Graphic pieces depict scenes from various films and TV series, creating an enticing visual tapestry that draws viewers into a world of nostalgia and recognition.

A Multisensory Experience

The campaign doesn’t just rely on visual cues. McDonald’s embraces the power of music by incorporating references like Run DMC’s “You be Illin'” that immortalizes the McDonald’s order. The packaging, adorned with QR codes, offers an interactive experience, enabling customers to relive key moments from films and shows. This engagement extends to purchasing merchandise from London’s Palace, adding a layer of exclusivity to the campaign.

The Culmination: The ‘As Featured In’ Meal

Central to the campaign is the ‘As Featured In’ meal, a tantalizing combination of McDonald’s classics that have made appearances in various entertainment mediums. Customers can choose from a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, a Quarter Pounder With Cheese, or a Big Mac, all accompanied by medium fries. The meal also introduces a Loki-themed sweet and sour sauce, adding a touch of intrigue and anticipation for the upcoming Disney+ series.

Unveiling the ‘Movie’ Commercial

McDonald’s treats the campaign like a cinematic experience. The rollout follows the stages of a movie release, from teaser to trailer to movie poster, culminating in the release of their ‘movie’ (a fancy term for the commercial) on August 14th. Hints are dropped about the inclusion of new footage from beloved shows, sparking curiosity and excitement among viewers.

A Glorious Collaboration: McDonald’s x PALACE

Partnering with London-based skate and streetwear brand Palace, McDonald’s expands the campaign’s reach. Customers who purchase the ‘As Featured In’ meal gain access to exclusive merchandise through QR codes on the packaging. This collaboration culminates in a pop-up fashion experience at a California restaurant, providing fans with an opportunity to engage with the brand in a tangible and fashionable way.

Marvel Studios and ‘Loki’ Integration

Marvel Studios’ involvement adds another layer of intrigue. Through themed AR experiences on Snapchat, McDonald’s offers sneak peeks into the upcoming season of Marvel Studios’ “Loki.” A restaurant transformation transports visitors back to 1982, echoing the aesthetics of the Disney+ series and creating an immersive experience for fans.

The Global Impact of the ‘As Featured In’ Meal

McDonald’s ensures that its ‘As Featured In’ meal reaches global audiences, available in over 100 countries. With its inclusive approach, the campaign bridges the gap between entertainment and reality, demonstrating McDonald’s ability to connect with diverse cultures and markets.


McDonald’s ‘As Featured In’ campaign is an audacious and captivating tribute to its enduring presence in entertainment. By fusing fiction and reality, the campaign pays homage to iconic moments while offering a multisensory experience through visuals and music. The ‘As Featured In’ meal stands as a culmination of this endeavor, inviting customers to savor the taste of nostalgia. As McDonald’s continues to innovate, collaborate, and surprise, the campaign reaffirms its status as a trailblazer in the realm of advertising.