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Embracing the Future: UBS Switzerland’s Inspiring 1st August Marketing Campaign
Embracing the Future: UBS Switzerland’s Inspiring 1st August Marketing Campaign

Embracing the Future: UBS Switzerland’s Inspiring 1st August Marketing Campaign

August 1st marks a special occasion for Switzerland as it celebrates its heritage and paves the way for the future generations. In line with this patriotic spirit, Fraser, the recently expanded agency in Switzerland, has teamed up with UBS Switzerland to create a remarkable marketing campaign. Under the theme “Our Country – and the Next Generations,” this campaign highlights the bank’s commitment to fostering a robust financial and industrial landscape and investing in the development of future talents. Let’s delve into the details of this captivating advertising and branding endeavor.

The Heart of the Campaign: Supporting the Next Generations

The core focus of UBS Switzerland’s marketing campaign lies in the belief that the prosperity of the country is intricately tied to the potential and growth of its next generations. In their press release, UBS emphasizes their dedication to maintaining a strong financial and industrial sector in Switzerland, both in the present and the years to come. This vision drives them to invest in nurturing the talents of tomorrow, allowing them the opportunity to flourish and continue the success story of their nation.

Multi-Platform Approach: Amplifying the Message

To ensure their message reaches far and wide, UBS has employed a multi-platform approach. The campaign is prominently featured on social media and display ads, including digital billboards at busy Swiss train stations, print advertisements in Sunday newspapers, UBS-owned channels such as ATMs, E- and Mobile Banking platforms,, eScreens at UBS branches, and UBS Social Media Ambassadors’ channels.

Sharing the Aspirations: A Six-Part Social Media Campaign

To further enhance their campaign’s impact and underline their commitment, UBS reveals the wishes and aspirations of various individuals within and beyond the organization through a compelling six-part social media campaign. This personal touch not only resonates with the audience but also reflects UBS’s dedication to being a reliable partner for current and future generations.

Investing in the Future: UBS’s Ongoing Engagements

UBS takes its responsibility seriously, continuing to invest in long-established engagements. The campaign showcases UBS Kids Cup, a program aimed at nurturing young talents in sports, their partnership with SwissSkills, which supports vocational training in Switzerland, and their collaboration with ETH Zurich to promote STEM subjects in Swiss schools. These initiatives reflect UBS’s commitment to empowering the youth and contributing to the country’s progress.

Fraser: The Creative Force Behind the Campaign

Fraser (Schweiz), the creative agency, played a pivotal role in bringing this campaign to life. With its recent expansion and official launch in Zurich on August 1st, Fraser expressed excitement about having won a significant client in Switzerland, which turned out to be UBS. This partnership reveals the agency’s prowess and further solidifies its reputation in the industry.

United for a Better Tomorrow

UBS Switzerland’s marketing campaign, expertly executed by Fraser, serves as an inspiring example of advertising with a purpose. The emphasis on nurturing the next generations, supporting talent development, and investing in the future showcases a brand that is not only focused on financial success but also on making a positive impact on society. As we celebrate Switzerland’s heritage and look to the future, UBS’s campaign reminds us that together, we can build a better tomorrow for generations to come. Let us embrace the spirit of unity and progress as we march towards a brighter future, hand in hand with the next generations.