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Christmas Ads 2022: Switzerland
Christmas Ads 2022: Switzerland

Christmas Ads 2022: Switzerland

The Christmas advertising season has begun in Switzerland! The start of the holiday season is evident by the early release of Christmas commercials by businesses.

Here are all the most popular videos from major brands to date.

Manor: Special Everyday

MANOR – Die besten Geschenke des Universums gibt es bei Manor

This year’s Manor Christmas commercial shows a young couple, Peter and Anna, celebrating Christmas together. Anna decides to play it safe for her first Christmas and gives her sweetheart a little stuffed cat. He had the same idea, but gives her a real cat. They both look at the presents and it becomes clear that the annual race to find the most original gift is on. The tension rises. To find extraordinary gifts, they travel to distant places and through galactic spheres. But in the end, Anna wins with a lovingly and personally selected gift from Manor. Because the best gifts in the universe are available at Manor. This year’s motto in Switzerland’s largest department stores’ is “Cosmic Christmas”.

Coop: Give a little love

Coop TV Spot: Weihnachten 2022

Christmas is the best time to reflect on the essentials and to show your fellow human beings that you care about them. According to a press release, this year’s Christmas spot by Coop is a sign for more attention and compassion in everyday life and focuses the claim “For me and you” on the importance of being there for each other.

In a touching Christmas story, Coop shows us how the smallest attentions often bring the greatest joy.

Migros: Kids take over the Christmas advertising

MIGROS Weihnachten: Lassen wir uns von Kindern verzaubern.

An outcast ghost, a walking loaf of bread or a magical rainbow sword: the Migros Christmas campaign was imagined by children. They designed the film script, drew poster subjects and the carrier bag. They were supported by Wirz.

In terms of tone, the film is a “clear departure from the bittersweet, emotional Christmas stories” that the retailer has published in other years. How did it happen? “The last few months were mainly characterised by negative news: among other things, the tense economic situation, the energy crisis and, last but not least, the war in Ukraine. That’s why we at Migros wanted to bring a little more lightness back into the Christmas season this year,” explains Michel Noverraz, senior project manager for campaigning at Migros.

to be continued…